John Fairclough

Rae Culbert, John Fairclough, Maddie Leach, Daniel Malone, Marcus Moore, Otomo Yoshihide

3 July - 25 July 1997

Curated by Sean Kerr

A joint project with Dunedin Public Art Gallery


The noise was so loud I didn't know whether the bullet hit me or not.
—Arto Lindsay.

For Rapid, curator Sean Kerr commissions seven artists to produce new works conditioned to popular speed culture. As Terminal Velocity, Daniel Malone stages a Streetfighter video-game competition on the opening night. Dressed as Santa, he hands out pizza and gives away his artist's fee as prize money. Japanese sampling maestro Otomo Yoshihide's high-speed cut-up of samples from popular music and experimental music Melted Memory II is a presented on a surround-sound hi-fi. John Fairclough's interactive work A Total World View of the Uncertainty Principle is a virtual world populated by digital organisms. Toby Curnow puts a brand new, high-end computer in a glass showcase; it screens a silent, static minimalist html work, One Infinite Loop. Made of faulty fluorescent tubes, Marcus Moore's giant sign randomly flickers the incorrect date '1998'. For Alpine Racer, Maddie Leach delivers BBC sound effects of fireworks, gelignite explosions, and warfare on a stack of speakers. Rae Culbert inserts fragments of car reflectors into the spokes of a 1960s Italian racing bicycle. He also shows a digital print of a perfect doughnut skid mark.