The Believers

Anne Ooms

Maria Cruz, Mikala Dwyer, Anne Ooms

4 September - 28 September 1997

Sydney artists Maria Cruz, Mikala Dwyer, and Anne Ooms describe their project as 'an exhibition in honour of the quirky presence of the consciousness of objects, fueled by a dearly-held ironic belief in the supernatural power of art in the duration of the everyday'. Cruz paints questions German school children once posed to filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder—including 'Do you think that suicide can be justified on principle?' and 'Do you see the mentally ill as a burden to our society?'—rendering them with differing degrees of legibility and graphic excess. Dwyer installs everyday objects—a pot plant, a battered ghettoblaster playing a lullaby, her toothbrush, and a baby blanket—on basic plywood rockers, as if to send these worn objects-of-comfort to sleep. For her video installation Pepper, Ooms plays tapes made by artist-friends in seven different countries. They filmed their living spaces while playing her still-image video of a red pepper on their TVs.