Come: New Artists Show 1998

Paula Collier

Paula Collier, Lisa Crowley, Megan Dunn, Taisha Hutchison, Andrea Low, Victoria O'Sullivan, Josephine Reddy

11 August - 29 August 1998


Although not intended as a theme show, many of the works by these recent New Zealand art-school graduates share interests in transparency, architecture, and cinema. Paula Collier enjoys the thickness and colour of glass. She jam-packs a doorway with hundreds of pieces of glass, stacked side on. Lisa Crowley places film stills—of a nun from Black Narcissus and a seascape—between glass sheets, as though they were microscope specimens awaiting our scrutiny, but also catching our reflections. Victoria O'Sullivan builds a barrier out of blocks of perspex and pink and plain plaster, through which we are badly placed to glimpse an installation of more blocks beyond. Megan Dunn's video also plays with transparency; laying footage from Walt Disney's Fantasia over the grown-up fantasy films, Wild Orchard and 9 1/2 Weeks. We must look through one to see the other. Andrea Low combines coconut fat and her own hair to make a translucent block of soap, fusing the abject with aromatic. She also makes a photographic carpet from snaps of the sky. Josephine Reddy elaborates an extended metaphor, linking ideas about travel and cinema; the movies as a kind of virtual tourism. You have to look hard to find Taisha Hutchison's work. She has inlaid metal plugs into the negative detailing in the ceiling.