Eme Kilkenny


6 May - 9 May 1998

Instead of showing her videos on a monitor or projecting them onto a bare wall, Eme Kilkenny projects them onto distorting devices. Her low-budget light modulators create bizarre, gimmicky special effects. Her works are at once abstract and representational, and are intended as metaphors for states of consciousness. In Totally Warped, a convex surveillance mirror sends animated lines bouncing around the room in a manner that can only be described as psychedelic. Her Crossroads I and II represent the necessity of making choices at particular moments, drawing on the idea of the cross as the meeting point of distinct dimensions or possibilities. Kilkenny's works also feature overwhelming soundtracks, her millennial utopianism paralleling that of the rave scene. The artist explains: 'The warping of the space/time continuum generates psychic confusion. This is the prelude to the integration of higher dimensional space within our known physical reality.'