Patterns of Intention

Patrick Pound

Patrick Pound, David Sequeria

2 April - 2 May 1998

Australian artists David Sequeira and Patrick Pound explore books as subject and substance, deconstructing the colonial archive of knowledge and imposing their own classifications on their libraries as they go. The volumes they favour recall a simpler age, when Ernest Hope could find The Thousand Best Poems in the World and one could conceive of A Guide: Towards a Theory of Everything. The artists delight in volumes which once offered some purchase on the world but now seem hopelessly quaint. Pound is a veritable bibliophile, having made art with books as substance and subject for at least ten years. Variously dismembering and collaging volumes into new forms, he engages, taunts and inflects their presumptions to containing the big picture. Sequeira is known less for interfering with content than with simply rendering it inaccessible, embroidering shut old books using geometric—often Islamic—patterns.