Mariko Mori

Jessica Bronson, Mariko Mori, Diana Thater

21 January - 28 February 1998

Curated by Giovanni Intra

A joint project with Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Span presents recent American video works that compact or disperse the temporal experience of narrative. Jessica Bronson, Mariko Mori, and Diana Thater create moebius-strip movies in which loops, cycles, and artificial infinities generate time warps. Their works—so decelerated as to become mesmerising or sped up to the point of delerium—stretch out across space rather than through time. This temporal shifting generates both wonder and boredom, an effect paradoxically close to the viewing of unmediated natural phenomena. Dispensing with cinema's notion of the static, seated audience, Bronson, Mori, and Thater design their video work for an audience in constant motion or flux, for viewers with schizy attention spans. They emphasise a kinetic relationship between the viewer and the work, freeing the viewer to walk in and out of envelopes created by the video. This is, perhaps, one explanation for the appearance of an art which runs continuously, seemingly without beginning or end, capturing the viewer's attention for split seconds and indeterminate durations.