Judy Darragh

Judy Darragh


14 September - 2 October 1999

Sunspots is Judy Darragh's follow up to her celebrated Love Stories, in which 1970s-style posters of babes, tots, hunks, Jack Daniels bottles, flash cars, and Dali paintings are refigured with the addition of torrents of simulated jism—one way of showing your enthusiasm! As Megan Dunn and David Townsend explained, the Love Stories literalise Barbara Kruger's dictum: 'Your gaze hits the side of my face.' The Sunspots are about the gaze too. Over scenic wallpaper murals of forests, lakes and blue skies, Darragh has affixed thousands of coloured stickers—circles, squares, and oblongs—as if some geometric modernist painting had gone berserk: agitated, ecstatic, resistant. She says the stickers are like the flares you get when you aim a camera into the sun, or like greeblies in the machinery of vision. These works sandwich two retro styles—tacky wallpaper murals and ultra-moderne decor abstraction. Some kind of nature meets some kind of culture.

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