Only the Lonely: New Artists Show 1999

Dane Mitchell

Hadleigh Averill, Layne Howe, Andrew McLeod, Dane Mitchell, Alex Monteith, Dylan Rainforth, Yvonne Todd, Brendan Wilkinson

9 June - 2 July 1999

Our second annual new-artists show, a follow up to 1998's Come, Only the Lonely presents a diverse sample of work. Hadleigh Averill submerges a friend in a glass tank and has him breathe through a snorkel. Layne Howe's ambient abstract video installation AML Year 5 is based on his experiences combating leukemia. Andrew McLeod's paintings mix camouflage patterns with kowhaiwhai patterns, adding a sculpture element, model landmines, including one based on a sculpture by Maori artist Brett Graham. The appropriation debate becomes literally a minefield. Dane Mitchell provides a DJ mixing desk and invites us to spin records he has made of prank phone calls to Auckland Art Gallery director Chris Saines and Artspace director Robert Leonard. Alex Monteith's surrealist-conceptual art masquerades as an intelligence test—how to get the light on. Dylan Rainforth coops up a chicken and serenades it (or torments it) with a music video, whose images of soaring eagles from nature documentaries are married to the magisterial signature tune of 1970s prog rock band King Crimson, "In the Court of the Crimson King". Rainforth adds a Pollock-patterned chute for "gratuitous complication". Yvonne Todd's Menthol photographs are slick images with a nicotine finish: birthday candles, an overtuned vase, some carnations, a cat, and, an elegant female hand, with long nails, and a dice for the Sharon Stone Casino touch. Model maker Brendan Wilkinson presents tiny illuminated peepshows: a rabbit is caught in headlights, a stripper bares it all.