John Bock

John Bock, Bjorn Dahlem, Rene Zeh

4 - 28 October 2000

Curated by Tobias Berger, supported by IFA

German artists John Bock, Bjorn Dahlem, and Rene Zeh generate their own kinds of universes from do-it-yourself and secondhand materials. As if perfection were deceptive, they do not care for a smooth finish.


John Bock builds shanty environments from found materials creating stage-sets in which he performs idiosyncratic lectures. His Abstract-Absurd Theatre incorporates economic theories, personal experiences, common country platitudes. His works reference the Theatre of the Absurd, and the art-performance of Joseph Beuys, the Vienna Aktionists, and Paul McCarthy.


Bjorn Dahlem's installation Club Schrödinger's Katze draws on the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger's fabulous idea. He imagined a cat inside a closed box with a flask of poison that it had a 50 per cent chance of overturning. Being impossible to observe whether the cat was dead or alive, Shrödinger argued it was both. His unfortunate cat has become a metaphor for the suspended and indecisive state of things.


Rene Zeh's work invokes virtual travel and mobility. Zeh selects indexes like maps, gallery invitations, and timetables from a worldwide range of possibilities, and arranges them to create a model of personal links. His installation includes a computer animation of a virtual timetable, a 'Transporter', and a poster for the film Westworld.