Megan Dunn

Megan Dunn

A Forest

6 - 29 April 2000

Is it a kind of dream, reaching into the night? ... Or is it a kind of shadow, drifting out on the tide, following the river of death down stream? Or is it a dream.
—Bright Eyes

Megan Dunn layers popular culture, surrealism, and pop-psychology—cliche upon cliche. In her video collages, she recombines material from her favourite paintings, her favourite films, and her favourite music. Her arranged marriages offer uncanny relays of metaphor between apparently diverse source materials, suggesting latent or repressed connections, secret affinities. Dunn uncovers the latent adult themes in children's entertainment. As a seven-year-old, Dunn was terrified by scenes of rabbits gassed in their warrens in the film Watership Down. Revisiting this traumatic moment, she recuts footage from the film to The Cure song 'A Forest', addressing how children are taunted with premonitions of death. The other video concerns the in-built obsolescence of love interests. Dunn intercuts sequences from the animated Disney romances Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Bambi to The Cure song 'The Walk'. In the final sequence, a tangled mass of vegetation captures Snow White as she flees the Hunter. The forest is a Jungian symbol for the subconscious.