Fetus Reproductions

Fetus Reproductions

Jed Town, Mike Brookfield, Sarah Fort

4 - 29 June 2002

Curated by Robert Leonard

Fetus Productions
were an art collective that evolved from the remnants of kiwi punk band, The Features. Operating as an audio-visual company from 1980–9, they splintered into a nebulous entity that operated in several countries simultaneously. Fetus Productions were part of a small global industrial-culture network, which included Severed Heads in Australia, Throbbing Gristle in Britain, and Survival Research Laboratories on the West Coast of America. They were not just a music group, their work crossed over into film, art and fashion. They released seven albums, designed clothing, wrote manifestos, made films, and challenged the parameters of music and art, blending pop, industrial and philosophical methodologies. The exhibition will be a multi-channel video installation, an immersive, multi-sensory environment that reconfigures some of their previous work using DVD and digital technology.


Their work attacked advertising's promulgation of perfect images and perfect bodies using horrific material, images of medical misadventure and mutation. Their hypnotic blends of graphic realism, psychedelic surrealism, and industrial-yet-serene music shocked audiences out of their pre-conditioned and romantic paradigms of beauty and humanity. Underpinning their work was a philosophy: a concern for human rights, an organic respect for life, and a resistance to ad media. The group parodied corporate activity with different operations, branches, and subbrands—The Fetals, Perfect Product, and ICU.