The Future of Auckland

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Jae Hoon Lee, Rod Barnett, C Pete Griffiths, Joseph Muir, Rachael Potter, Richard Maloy, Sean Kerr, Marcus Lush, Jasmax, Allan McDonald

19 September – 12 October 2002

Curated by Hannah Scott

A knowingly Utopian project, The Future of Auckland is wide ranging, impossibly big, and conceptually nebulous. It's a speculative, three-part project comprising an exhibition, a broadsheet and a public debate. The project's three facets have been fuelled by a diverse mix of people: landscape designers, artists, politicians, journalists and architects. They were invited to present their hopeful, fearful, or frivolous opinions on what Auckland's future could or should be. The exhibition runs from 19 September ­ 12 October 2002 and features the work of Jae Hoon Lee, Sean Kerr, Richard Maloy, Allan McDonald, Rod Barnett and Jasmax. A public debate will be held on Wednesday 25 September from 6-8pm. The moot for the day is 'Auckland will be the largest refugee camp in Oceania by 2021'.