Nicholas Jasmin



26 April - 24 May 2003

Vienna-based video and sound artist Nicholas Jasmin (N*I*C*J*O*B) epitomises the trans-national concept of Foreign Agents, being a French national living outside his county of origin. Described as a "reconstruction worker" his scratch video works are a stunning and ferocious merger of video and sound, highly repetitive and scorchingly abrupt. Taking sampled images and sounds N*I*C*J*O*B uses digital editing to loop and synchronise his tracks - adopting hip hop's scratch techniques in a video format. N*I*C*J*O*B appropriates and channels found footage, like a fragment of a head-spinning breakdancer in the work Breaker 2002, to create a meditative state of suspended animation. His ambitious, solo project presents four of his latest digital video projections installed in a custom-built environment of linked walkways.