Saskia Olde Wolbers

Rieko Akatsuka (JPN), Dan Arps (NZ), Stephen Birch (AUS), Thomas Bayrle (D), Nicky Campbell(NZ), Björn Dahlem (D), Oliver Husain (D), Rene Lück (D), Saskia Olde Wolbers (NL), Jason Lindsay (NZ), Caroline Rothwell (NZ), Tommy Stockel (DK), Ricky Swallow (AUS), Yuk King Tan (NZ), Ronni van Hout (NZ), Brendon Wilkinson (NZ), Peter Robinson (NZ) Ri Williamson (NZ)

16 July - 7 August 2003

"...and what is the use of a book," thought Alice," without pictures or conversations" ... This is the first sentence in Lewis Carroll’s Adventures in Wonderland before Alice goes down the rabbit hole and experiences the magic of scale; a magic that is created in Wonderland, the latest Artspace show.

Pictures and conversations are a means in which to model our own world and to help us imagine the environment. While every artwork can be considered a model of the world, Wonderland concentrates on artists that actually use the form and technique of model building as it is applied in architecture or hobbies and leisure. A technique that was developed with the aim to construct a simpler, understandable version of a building, machine or landscape that is either planed or wished for.

In leisure activities models are a mainly male fantasy of playing the creator by constructing a world and modelling an environment. In science models are used to illustrate very complicated phenomena in a rather easy way, like the model of an atom or DNA. With the increasing use of computer animation they are also a little out of date version of a romantic visual concept. Which may make them interesting for contemporary artist who often use this technique in more twisted ways. But this can be seen in Wonderland at Artspace from July 16.

The exhibition consists of around 20 models on a landscape designed by Jason Lindsay, accompanied by a film of this year’s ART Basel prize winner Dutch Saskia Olde Wolbers and two films by internationally acclaimed German / Indian Oliver Husain.