Tales of Gold/35K

14 artworks from 14 galleries each valued at NZ$35,000:

Billy Apple, Gordon Walters, Ian Scott, Michael Parekowhai, Robert Ellis, Phillip Trustrum, Peter Siddell, Russel Clarke, Luise Fong, Tony Fomison, Max Gimblett, Neal Palmer, Geoff Thornley

15 June - 3 July 2004

Curated by Tobias Berger

The Golden Apple, 1983
Untitled, 1990
Wall of Red,
Kapa Haka,
Double Doubles, 1993
Pierre Bonnards Banana Farm, New Caledonia, 1945
Low Tech Double Nova, 1995
We Are You, 1989
Things as they are, 2004
Break Glass in case of Emergency, 2004
Tondo Nr.1

Following the questions raised in the Money for Nothing exhibition (2003) about the value of art, the choices of art Artspace exhibits, and the way it positions itself in the local art contest, we are taking the opportunity presented by the Billy Apple Tales of Gold exhibition to make another voyage into the world of art and commerce.

As most of the commercial gallery sales happen in the backrooms, we have dedicated - for the duration of the Tales of Gold exhibition - our two backroom galleries to exhibit works chosen from 14 selected Auckland commercial galleries. The only thing these works have in common is that they are all New Zealand works of contemporary art, and they have a price tag of NZ$35,000 each.

35K brings together various approaches to contemporary art production and the way art is consumed and appreciated in the year 2004.