Auckland Remapped

Jacob Kolding

Louisa Bufardeci (AUS), Jacob Kolding (DNK), Emily Mafile'o (NZ), Ava Seymour (NZ), and Sean Snyder (USA/DEU)

Part of the 2nd Auckland Triennial

20 March - 29 May 2004

Curated by Tobias Berger

A city can not be described as a whole, it is the sum of different collective impressions, ideas, experiences and histories.

For Auckland Remapped Artspace invited five artists - Louisa Bufardeci (Australia), Jacob Kolding (Denmark), Emily Mafile'o (New Zealand), Ava Seymour (New Zealand), and Sean Snyder (USA/Germany), to express very diverse takes on city views.

Jacob Kolding, intinerant Auckland resident for the last 3 weeks, is well versed in city language - of the streets, architecture, and the grammatical social structure which infiltrates these languages. His newest Auckland Poster is not only exhibited in Artspace and billed around the city, it can also be taken home by every visitor to the exhibition.

Sean Snyder brings with him an outside perspective of globalisation. He is fiercely well travelled, and his documentation of the kooky, local effects of globalisation forces us to reappraise our familiar reactions to the generic. He will present two Video Installations - one from Shanghai highlighting the paradoxes of globalisation, and a secretly taped walk through communist North Korean capital Pyongyan.

Louisa Bufardeci's works initially seem like large paintings. But they are not. Bufardeci makes mostly digital prints (in effect maps and charts) that utilize various systems and investigate the colour-coding of visual information, and statistical information. The results are not subjectively derived, and not through the usual symbolic convention. They have a bracing and arbitrary linkage to social analysis and political economy.

While the above artists look at broader city scapes and politics, Ava Seymour uses her familiarity with the notorious streets of Auckland to bring Auckland Remapped right back onto the Artspace doorstep by constructing a new picture of legendary sex-drugs-and-disco centre K'Road. Seymour's blooming photomontage provides a local perspective on the colourful locale.

Emily Mafile'o further hones the introspective periscope and turns the focus on the bedroom, the hallway, and the back yard. She photographs what she knows - family and friends, kids in cars. Her work is like a community photo-album, underlining the struggles and joys of everyday life in South Auckland. By producing a 7500 edition newspaper for Auckland Remapped, she investigates the democratic dispersal of information, keeping in mind that the only free Tongan newspaper is published in Auckland.

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