National Drawing Award 2004

3 November- 18 December


Judges: Tobias Berger, Emma Bugden, Danae Mossman

Artspace and The Physics Room are pleased to announce the winner of the National Drawing Award 2004 - Auckland artist Andrew McLeod.

Andrew McLeod's drawing is titled Art School Dream, and was selected as the winner from 546 entries by Judges Tobias Berger (Director, Artspace), Emma Bugden (Curator City Gallery, Wellington), and Danae Mossman (Director, The Physics Room).

The Judges found McLeod's drawing to be "uniquely yet skilfully drawn", "talking about theory as well as very personal experience", "funny and conceptual" and "quoting and satirising so fantastically a montage of theories - French, Drawing, Photographic, Sculptural, Intermedia and 'Jokes for Assholes'" - standard art school fare. Not only does this drawing use the medium of drawing with skill and distinction, it also talks about the business of art making.

The award was presented at Artspace on 2 November by esteemed artist John Reynolds, preceded by a special viewing of Robert Rauschenberg talking about 'Erased Willem de Kooning'. The prize pack accompanying the National Drawing Award trophy included $4000 cash, a catalogue produced by Artspace and The Physics Room, and a Telecom JetStream Starter Pack. The winner of the People's Choice Award was announced at The Physics Room 18 December. Christchurch artist Jacquelyn Greenbank received a prize of $1000 cash and a Telecom Mobile Phone for her drawing Queen Mother. Andrew McLeod and Jacquelyn Greenbank's drawings were reproduced in STAPLE magazine for all to enjoy. The Judges also presented three merit awards to Christchurch artist Ruth Cleland, and Auckland artists Richard Lewer and Monique Jansen.

Artspace and The Physics Room were thrilled by the response to the inaugural award. Surnames A-L were exhibited at Artspace and M-Z at The Physics Room from 3 - 20 November 2004, then swapped for the second half of the exhibition, 26 November - 18 December 2004.

We would like to thank our National Drawing Award sponsors, Telecom NZ Ltd, Sweeny Vesty Ltd, Armacup Maritime Services Ltd and Mitchener Cammell Ltd, who all offered their support without question. Awards such as this would not be possible without the bravery of these sponsors.

The artist's book Largess by Andrew McLeod is available at Artspace and The Physics Room.