Francis Upritchard

Doomed, Doomed, All Doomed

8 February - 5 March 2005

Curated by Tobias Berger

Francis Upritchard's first major solo exhibition in New Zealand.

Comets in the heavens. Apparitions and convulsions. Faced with a sense of Impending catastrophe what are we to do? The prophets squat in the dust of the marketplace, pointing to weird omens in the sky. Ordinary objects break open to reveal their spirits. The spirits demand sacrifices. What shall we give them? These are times when men become animals and animals become men.

Lost tribes provide clues towards their own fears and desires. What do these artifacts mean? Someone made them, that is all we can say. They are mute, mysterious. They were useful to someone, but for what? These things are non-verbal histories, evidence of some ritual, or mental process. What were the makers trying to ward off, or remember, or prevent?

Francis Upritchard (born 1976 New Plymouth) lives and works in London. She is co-director of the Bart Wells Institute. Group Shows include: New Blood (Saatchi Gallery, London), Becks Futures 2002 (ICA London), Prospect 2004 (Wellington City Gallery), Bart Wells Institute (Hamish MacKay Gallery, Wellington), Roll Out (Karen Lovegrove, Los Angeles). She has had solo shows at Kate MacGarry (London) and Ivan Anthony (Auckland). Later this year she will have a solo show with Andrea Rosen (New York).

Francis Upritchard was awarded the Walters Prize 2006 for Doomed, Doomed All Doomed.

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