Fitts & Holderness (NZ), Aernout Mik (NL), Daniel Roth (DE), Marnie Slater (NZ) and Clemens von Wedemeyer (DE)

29 April - 4 June 2005

Curated by Tessa Giblin, 2004 Curatorial Intern

Sleepwalker - where stories meander, drama combusts and a sense of theatre infects contemporary art.

Revisiting and reinterpreting dreams demands the translation of a drama ungoverned by the rational mind, to a logical, sequential understanding. Sleepwalker is positioned in the half-light between these two narrative sensibilities, colliding fact with fiction, historicism with fantasy, and reality with theatre.

Aernout Mik is one of the Netherlands most celebrated contemporary artists. Mik has built up a large oeuvre of film and built environments, often parading blank pandemonium or highly controlled mayhem, whilst discussing the modes of both film and architectural space. In Middlemen, hosts of suited professionals are tiered in an audience-like configuration. Reacting to an unknown event, Mik's characters prowl their stage in a tireless loop, inciting drama, despair, and boredom, with an almost absurdist sense of theatre.

Imported into the Artspace cave is Daniel Roth's Dr Dräcker. Roth has traced the existence of the mid-twentieth century diplomat, Dr Dräcker, all over the world. Dr Dräcker is a unique character from German political and popular history. His life and remains are posited within the gallery by Daniel Roth, known for his investigative sculptures and drawings detailing aspects of the lives of his characters, towns and on-going stories.

Marnie Slater's We Are All Professionals Here emanates through the gallery, enticing visitors into the space, and into her work. Slater draws an almost nonsensical connection between a public service figure in her space, and the public service figures she activates throughout the exhibition.

German filmmaker, Clemens von Wedemeyer, who amongst other awards and exhibitions made a work for the 2004 Moscow Biennale, is showing Occupation, alongside The Making of Occupation. By mining the genre of film, he challenges the role of the individual players - the crew, actors, and audience - and creates an experience which bridges the interior and exterior of the cinematic screen.

Fitts & Holderness present Snoop, and The Office of Harold Sutherland (Towards Snoop). Snoop explores a dreamed experience and the liberties of acting this out as it conflates the experience of actor, audience, script and intention.

The following is an excerpt from The Office of Harold Sutherland:

On Wednesday the 27th April, Harold Sutherland booked a hurried flight to Japan. The travel agent mentioned that he was flustered and seemed to be finding it difficult to focus on their conversation. Mr Sutherland had just released the 12th edition of Silver Chord, the newsletter for the Astral Society of which he is Chairman. Some members of the society have received postcards from Harold in Japan, while others have heard nothing. Little has been touched in Harold¹s office since his hurried departure, and most of the members of the Astral Society are still anticipating his presence when he hosts the Astral Social on the 7th May, a Saturday night. Some members, however, are concerned at Harold¹s uncharacteristic disappearance, and have discussed the possibility that an investigation of his office may yield an explanation.

'Missing man was an astral traveller' - NZ HERALD, 18 May 2005
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