Kiosk: Modes of Multiplication

Curated by Christoph Keller

Ri Williamson

25 March - 29 April 2006

KIOSK: Modes of Multiplication is a travelling archive of independent publishing projects on contemporary art compiled since 2001 and organised by Christoph Keller. The exhibition at Artspace is KIOSK's first stop outside Europe. Continually growing, the non-representational and informative collection currently comprises over 250 publishers or 4000 publications of artists' books, periodicals, video and audio labels. At each destination KIOSK takes on a new appearance in the form of a reading room or library. Artspace has invited New Zealand artist Ri Williamson to develop the display for the exhibition in Auckland.

Williamson's practice can be described as being suspended somewhere between art and architecture, with architecture being the point of investigation into the perception of socio-spatial environments.

In Code-share, she incorporates her current project Airside|Landside with the concept of KIOSK by drawing parallels between her investigations into international air transit infrastructure and the worldwide compilation of art publications. Williamson sees similarities between libraries and airports. In both, the possibilities for learning and experiencing are endless, opening up the world to the traveller and researcher.

Williamson's observations of airport infrastructure have been translated into a platform to access KIOSK. In the main gallery Code-share is divided into five loading bays. Each of these stations acts as a departure point to a different aspect of the archive located on the bookshelves in the back gallery. From here, one can review the New Zealand art publication submissions in an alternative transit lounge, as well as view a selection of video works from the KIOSK archive.

Through KIOSK we can see the possibilities of alternative publishing and distribution. This exhibition focuses on the ideas, motivation and strategies behind developing art projects in and beyond the printed form.
This accumulative archive provides a forum for further discussion on distribution of independent publishing in New Zealand. The project also coincides with the development of the Reading Room at Artspace, located through the gallery at the office.

The most recent of the previous fifteen stops of the travelling archive include ICA, London, the 9th Istanbul Biennial, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin and Witte de With, Rotterdam. Artspace has initiated and organised the presentation and travel of KIOSK. From Auckland the exhibition travels to the Physics Room in Christchurch and then further to the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada.

Ri Williamson graduated from the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Christchurch in 2003 with a major in Sculpture. She is currently travelling the world researching for her project Airside|Landside and has recently lived and worked in China as an Artist in Residence at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing.
Christoph Keller (b. 1969) is the founder and former director of Revolver - Archiv für aktuelle Kunst in Frankfurt. Keller lives and works as an editor, designer and curator in Stählemühle, Münchhöf, Bodensee, Germany.

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