Robert Hood, Chris Kraus, Isabel Nolan

Robert Hood, Cyclical Adjustment  Vacuum Idle Manifold

Chris Kraus, Plastic is Leather, Fuck You: Chris Kraus Films and Videos 1983-1995

Isabel Nolan, Trance in Inaction

Exhibition dates: 12 September – 18 October

Opening reception: Thursday 11 September 6pm 

Curated by Brian Butler


Artspace is pleased to present the work of three artists, Robert Hood, Chris Kraus and Isabel Nolan.

Robert Hood
is a Christchurch based artist. Hood’s work evokes a post-apocalyptic tone embracing diverse influences from the paranormal to stock markets:

“Rob Hood deals in paranormal oddities; apocryphal worlds that incubate hope; utopias only a hair’s breadth away from sliding into the mire and those seething bedrocks of capitalism, the financial markets.” Says Robyn Pickens.

Hood utilises a range of media from photography and installation to video and found objects. He was the recipient of the Olivia Spencer-Bower residency in 2007. He has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and was part of Headway, the annual new artists show at Artspace in 2006. Selected solo exhibitions include projects at Jonathon Smart Gallery, The Blue Oyster Trust, The Physics Room and High Street Project. Robert Hood graduated with a B.F.A in 1998 from the University of Canterbury.

Isabel Nolan is a Dublin based artist. Drawing is central to Nolan’s art practice; she describes it as catching a thought, a way to begin:

“Drawing is a great way of describing anything - an object, an idea or a feeling. Aesthetically I like its variability, it can be hard, soft, cold, warm, really conceptual or very emotive, often it is, or at least it appears, very direct and personal – the human touch.” says Nolan

Her drawings have been described by Declan Long as:

"Peculiar, inexplicable fragments of memory or narrative (a hand, a spider, two blue owls) combine with cryptic texts and abstract forms to create an effect that at times resembles the state of hypnogia, that period between waking and sleep when minor hallucinatory flashes are possible, when we are not all there."

During her stay in Auckland Nolan will be undertaking research at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Nolan has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally, including at the Project Arts Centre and the Goethe Institute, Dublin. She represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2005 has participated in exhibitions at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Chris Kraus is a Wellington born, L.A. based filmmaker and author. Vast in scope and both visually and textually experimental her film and video works span from 1983-1995. This is the first time her film and video works can be viewed in their entirety in New Zealand. As an independent filmmaker working in New York in the early 1980s Kraus’s interests range from; the myth of literary figures such as Antonin Artaud and Frank O’Hara to crime scene photography, sadomasochism and meditions upon memory, nostalgia and longing. Kraus is also known as a writer. Index called her “one of the most subversive voices of American fiction.” She is the author of novels I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor and Video Green and is a contributor on art and culture to many international publications including Index, Artext and Art and America. She was the founding editor of the Native Agents imprint, new fiction series for Semiotext(e).

Plastic is Leather, Fuck You: Chris Kraus Films and Videos 1983-1995

The films will be shown daily in chronological order.

In Order to Pass, 1983(30:00)
Terrorists In Love, 1985(5:20)
Voyage to Rodez, 1986(14:00)
Fool Proof Illusion,  1987(17:32)
How to Shoot a Crime, 1987(30:00)
The Golden Bowl or Repression, 1984/88(12:00)
Traveling at Night , 1991(12:00)
Gravity & Grace, 1995(87:31) - This feature length film will screen at approximately 1:28pm




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