Matters 3 is produced as the third instalment in a diverse and diversifying publication project run by Newcall. It is first and foremost a repository of information. There has been an emphasis placed on commissioning and sourcing essays that deal with creativity and interaction in the structures and creation of value. Issues specifically targeted were democracy, citizenry and political engagement, methodologies of meaningful interaction, different practices within art, gallerists, project coordination, teaching, collecting.

Matters 3 has been conceived and created to provide a number of examples of interesting people doing interesting things, as a testament to the projects that are underway, but also as a charge that there is far more to be done. The intention is that the material can be dipped into as a pool of knowledge, read and reapplied as new and necessary tools in the hands of practitioners and audiences to forge new avenues for experimentation and advocacy. Matters 3 is edited by John Ward Knox.

Matters 3, Full version PDF, (60 pages)

Download individual essays here


Editorial – It only takes two people to make a fact

A Centre For Art – Manifesto

John Minto – A portrait of protest for the young artist

Newcall Gallery – Selina Foote and John Ward Knox in dialogue

Paul G Buchanan – Are We There Yet? A conceptual framework for evaluating democracy in Aotearoa

Daniel Webby – I do not recognize the political body

William Hsu – To Form Creative Partnerships With Public Schools

Elizabeth Coleman – A New Liberal Arts