Knowing You, Knowing Me: New Artists Show 2010

Mei Cooper, Trenton Garratt, Claire Harris, Jess Johnson,

Jeremy Leatinu’u, Tiffany Singh, Scott Satherley

10 July - 21 August

Curated by Emma Bugden


The Artspace New Artists Show is a highlight of the exhibition calendar. This annual exhibition stakes a claim on artists whose work will shape the future of contemporary art. The New Artists exhibition showcases new and vital art practice to reflect the momentum of art making in New Zealand.

‘Knowing You, Knowing Me’ brings together artists who work across two specific mediums; performance and drawing. At first glance these mediums might seem an unlikely combination, but within ‘Knowing You, Knowing Me’ they are connected through an emphasis on small and personal gestures. The works in this exhibition span a range of concerns and ideas but each demonstrate an interest in a subjective connection. There is a handmade quality to much of the work, and a strongly defined sense of the self. Claire Harris mines the awkward and self-conscious narratives of stand-up comedy in her work, while Jeremy Leatinu'u draws on cultural expectations of hospitality to perform ritualised acts of welcome to unknown visitors.

The exhibited drawings of both Mei Cooper and Trenton Garratt result from, and are entwined with, unseen performative actions. Like Garratt’s obsessive mark-making, Scott Satherley’s drawing is comprised of a series of repetitive patterns which build up to create a layered and abstracted terrain. Jess Johnson’s drawings utlise guerilla advertising techniques (photocopying, posters, fliers, zines) their handmade qualities demonstrating both personal storytelling and the practicalities of cheap mass distribution. While other works in the exhibition take a more internal approach, Tiffany Singh’s work reaches out directly to the audience. Newton & the Piece Bomb, an installation of hanging sculptural objects, is fully activated through participation by gallery visitors.

Please note: During this exhibition the gallery will be open on Sundays (11am – 4pm) for the presentation of Trenton Garratt’s performance Model Conversations: The Last Days of the Famous Mime. 

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