Caraway Downs

Rebecca Boswell
Richard Frater
Patrick Lundberg
Tahi Moore
Imogen Taylor

7 May - 18 June

Curated by Roman Mitch


Sometimes when an artist gives over some part of their work to the audience to complete, the structure of it means that the experience functions as a task. When a curator hands over some part of their work to an artist, the structure of it is quite different. This is because everything that gets done is structured by what would normally get done, in terms of already-going practices. But under the auspices of an exhibition, whatever gets done is also bound to be an unnatural formation. 

It is about timescale. With Earthworks Robert Smithson worked with the non-human timescale of the geological. And we are working with the non-human timescale of the virtual—a company. But it is not necessarily subsuming, or a greater entity… the intention of initiating something that could potentially exist after the timeframe of the exhibition came from thinking about exhibitions as small things that hold bigger things.


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