Contact 2011: Jim Allen

5 March - 21 April 

In 1974 Jim Allen was commissioned by the Auckland Festival to present the performance Contact at the Auckland Art Gallery. Contact would come to be acknowledged as a seminal step in the development of a new radical art form in this country, moving away from the static object into live action. The importance of Allen’s role in New Zealand, as an artist and an educator, can be seen in the work of subsequent generations of artists. 


In 2011 Contact will be re-performed at Artspace, infusing new life into this historic work. At its core Contact speaks about a release from social alienation through collective activity—literally ‘making contact’. The three elements—Computer Dance, Parangole Capes and Body Articulation/Imprint—deploy formal structures in which the interplay of bodies use movement, form, sound and light to strive for transcendence. 

Performances at Artspace: 

6pm Saturday 5 March: Computer Dance 

6pm Saturday 12 March: Parangole Capes (part of White Night)

6pm Saturday 19 March Body Articulation/Imprint



Contact 2011 is presented in association with Auckland Arts Festival

2 March – 20 March  2011,


For the first time the festival offers White Night, a special one night only evening which sees the city turned into a bustling outdoor gallery, adapted from the popular French Nuit Blanche where museums, public and private galleries open their doors throughout the city until midnight with special programmes of performance, music and other art events. A free bus will connect the key arts precincts on the night. 

Contact 2011 is presented at Artspace with the support of Michael Lett and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

Body Articulation/Imprint is Presented by Aalto


Review - EyeContact (PDF)