occasionalist: New Artists Show 2011

rice and beans

December 13 2011- February 18 2012


For occasionalist events in 2012 


occasionalist, a residency/exhibition by Dunedin-based group rice and beans (Elle Loui August, Claire Mahoney and Gilbert May) is an invitation to consider the nature of artistic research and production, the gallery situation and the possible dynamics that exist in the relationship between an artist and the public. The group will work from the gallery over the summer, during which time the gallery space will function as a studio, office, public forum and performative space.


Throughout occasionalist rice and beans will stage a series of events, a curatorial conceit that forces the invited artists to create a situation of contact between themselves and their audience. The content of these encounters is generally unfixed and improvisational, responding to their materials, the site and the gallery visitors, as well as the course of the artists' research and practices.


In preparation for the residency, rice and beans issued a call for assistance to friends and collaborators that will result in the donation of various materials that will be integrated within the production process. Additionally, the invited artists have invited others to participate in the project, resulting in a diversity of potential outcomes that may be explored over the course of the residency.


There is a degree of reflexivity generated by this kind of project--a self-conscious awareness of the archive, a resistance to the potentially objectifying artist-as-artwork paradigm and to the idea of representing a diverse group of people. 


Through the generative chaos, threads begin to emerge and intertwine. In the final weeks of the residency, the artists will mount an exhibition, and various public events will occur throughout the duration of the project. 

-Arron Santry


rice and beans’ residency at Artspace is supported by Jan Warburton (Dunedin).