Test Transmission

General Idea, Patricia Dauder, Tobias Kaspar


September 2 - October 8

Curated by Caterina Riva

Moving to a new place calls for a re-evaluation of the way we live, and a reassessment of our daily routine and its underpinned priorities.
Test Transmission brings together three bodies of work produced by two young European artists, Patricia Dauder from Spain and Tobias Kaspar from Switzerland, and by General Idea, the historic artist collective from Canada. Despite having being created in different time periods and serving varied working criteria, the choice of these pieces responds to fragments of a new life, in a new place, following new visual and social stimuli.
Test Tube is a video made for television in 1979 by GI’s AA Bronson, Felix Patz and Jorge Zontal. The trio pioneered the employment of media strategies to problematise the system of art while highlighting its links to pop culture and affinities with consumerism.

Patricia Dauder’s bidimensional pieces are the result of a lengthy and extremely accurate process of selecting and working with drawing surfaces and painting materials which, despite the absence of a clear narrative, suggest in their final output an odd sense of familiarity.

Tobias Kaspar’s installation deconstructs language sculpturally and simultaneously isolates fragments of images, making the viewer lose temporarily a sense of purpose and demanding them to question the medium and the message.
The artists, from different viewpoints, seem to tackle an idea of dislocation in relation to a place but also to subvert any stable definition of image making or of their artistic endeavors, requiring the audience’s alertness and insight.