Yousuke Fuyama
Oliver Laric 
Joseph Nerney
Vincent Riebeek
Sean Snyder

25 May - 30 June


Curated by Arron Santry



The internet is a space of pure representation, of disembodied agency and parallel worlds. Images are spread and shared and copied at an impossible rate, their content dissolved and dispersed as they filter through context after context.


Media construct reality - this is a kind of textbook wisdom. Society experiences itself through mediated images of itself. But these images are always in conflict with the discursive contexts in which they are located; aesthetic autonomy must be fought for.


Alienate, demonstrate, edit - these are the imperatives of a generation of artists overrun by representation.



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Excerpts from Vincent Riebeek's performance at the exhibition opening:

Artist Biographies

Yousuke Fuyama (1983, Japan) lives and works in Tokyo. He has studied music and sound art and holds a Masters degree in Media Science from Tokyo University of Technology Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences. He is one of the artists under the Japanese label Sludge, is the organiser of the experimental art party NORANEKO and lectures at Workshop for Creators at WOMB LOUNGE. 


Oliver Laric (1981, Austria) lives and works in Berlin. He was one of the founders of the platform VVORK. His evolving project Versions has been exhibited in various states at Skulpturhalle Basel (2011), the 6th Momentum Biennale, Moss, Norway (2011) and Seventeen Gallery, London (2010).


Joseph Nerney (1985, Auckland) lives and works in Auckland. He recently gained a BFA (Hons)  from Elam. He has recently exhibited at Snake Pit (2012), Personal Best (2011) and online at Window Gallery (2010). His spirit animal is the tiger.


Vincent Riebeek (1988, Holland) is based in Amsterdam. He has studied at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Amsterdam, as well as in Vienna and Senegal. With frequent collaborator Florentina Holzinger, he has performed extensively across Europe as both dancer and choreographer; this newly commissioned work will be his first solo performance.

Vincent's participation has been generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation.


Sean Snyder (1972, USA), lives and works in Kiev and Tokyo. He studied at Städelschule, Hochschule für  Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main (1993-1999), and has subsequently exhibited extensively across the world, with significant solo shows at Artists Space, New York (2010), Institute of Contemporary Art, London (2009), and De Appel, Amsterdam (2004).


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