every cloud has a silver lining

16 March - 5 April
Opens 6pm, Friday 16 March

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Dear Artspace,
You are turning 25! How exciting. A quarter of a century. Your silver anniversary. You are still young, but you have also collected some precious life experience.
You have grown into a fine art institution unique in New Zealand and recognised internationally for your innovative exhibitions and risk-taking projects and because of that you have made many friends along the way, as well as some foes.
You have moved into four venues (from Federal Street to Quay Street via the George Fraser Gallery in Princes Street, ending up in Karangahape Road) and had eight directors to date (Mary Louise-Browne, Priscilla Pitts, Lara Bowen, Robert Leonard, Tobias Berger, Brian Butler, Emma Bugden and Caterina Riva) that had different ideas for you but loved you all the same.
Trusted board members have come and gone but they all invested so much in you: what you were and what you would become.
So many artists launched their careers with shows that are now part of your history and showed you their support through editions and prints to celebrate your achievements and birthdays.
While growing up, you have been on trips to Australia, Korea, Europe and North America and travelled to Sao Paulo and Venice, to name a few.
Dissertations have been written on you and books designed, printed and published in your name.
In 2012 we want to cherish you and wish you another 25 years!
We would like to reminisce about a few episodes of your eventful life as well as thinking about the present and imagining your shiny destiny.
Some friends, from different periods at Artspace, will come and share their ideas, advice and (why not) criticism. Discussions will be held on March 17th and 22nd.
Documents from the archive will be re-purposed for this special occasion in the gallery with new commissions to think of your future.
Warm Wishes,
The Artspace Family 
Work credits:
Henry Babbage and Blaine Western
Daniel Malone, Someone else's drawing (from memory) 1992, 2003, 2012, with Bob Van Der Wal, Sorawit Songsataya and Sophie Hanover. 
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Artspace 25 publication designed by Kelvin Soh with a contribution from Alterations.
Poster designed by Fiona Gilmore