Hop Scotch

Hop Scotch

Anoushka Akel
Kim Pieters
July 13 - August 25














"What does abstract painting mean to you?" asked Kim Pieters at the beginning of our three- way correspondence around ideas for this exhibition. There is no good answer to such question, or, at least, not a comprehensive one. Nevertheless this realisation doesn't preclude the possibility of a plurality of answers, perhaps smaller, less definitive, subjective by all means.


The artists' marks, executed on small sized canvases and on demolition boards of different size, originate from a negotiation of intuition with an organising principle that determines compositional choices.


Akel and Pieters' painterly gestures could be read by the viewer through an analytic lens, but simultaneously leave an openness of interpretation that goes beyond formal criteria and allows for something else to happen. A jump, a beat, a rhythm, a hop. Even a joyful thing.


Anoushka Akel (1977) is an artist based in Auckland. She received her MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2010. Selected exhibitions include: Paintings Paintings, 2011, Window Gallery, University of Auckland; Picnic on a Frozen River, 2009, B4321 Project Space.


Kim Pieters (1959) is an abstract painter.  She has for many years also produced photographs, improvisational film and music, from her Dunedin studios. Selected exhibitions include: matisse's armchair  (2011) and something possible, or i will suffocate (2009) both at Bowen Galleries, Wellington; experimentum linguae (2009) at the Adam Gallery, Victoria University.


This show is their first at Artspace and the first time they exhibit together.


Download the exhibition text by Caterina Riva  


This exhibition is supported by:

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