Deborah Crowe and Eldon Booth

[Eddy] II
27 November – 20 December, 2012 


Eddy II
Photo: Jason Crane


[Eddy] II is a surround sound installation that engages with the Mezzanine space. Using sound as relational sculptural matter, [Eddy] II is designed to morph according to the conditions in which it is situated, by projecting repetitive drones, beeps and hums sampled from MRI field recordings, reverberating in a 5.1 surround sound environment. The work develops from Crowe and Booth’s ongoing experimentation and investigation into emotional and psychological experiences of real, narrative and implied spatial frameworks. 


Crowe and Booth are Auckland-based artists who have worked collaboratively since 2005. Deborah Crowe, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1986 and is currently Principal Lecturer at the School of Visual Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology. Eldon Booth is a writer/director with a Bachelor of Visual Arts who has exhibited moving image works since 2001.


[Eddy] II is the second iteration in this series, the first was installed at BlueOyster Project Space in Dunedin in July 2012.  


This project has received support from Manukau Institute of Technology’s Research, Development and Technology Transfer Fund. 


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