occasionalist continues

rice and beans

December 13 2011- February 25 2012



As their website laconically puts it "rice and beans is an artist run space in Dunedin, New Zealand." The contact page is simply "" and the site's HOMEPAGE disjunctively redirects to an obscure Austrian URL. It keeps shifting colours: mobile and ungraspable, evasive perhaps. The space itself is located on the second level of a central Dunedin building whose anonymous looking entrance was found (when sought) between a whiskey bar, a sweat lodge and a restaurant .... Stairs, carpet, stairs, wood, windows.... 

The project's three initiators signed a one year lease for 2011 and hosted discussions, performances, residencies and offered 12 exhibitions. After almost exactly a year from their first project , they accepted Artspace's invitation and are now bringing their playful tension to Auckland.

Rules will be applied to precarious geometries and economies; the triangle between anonymity, authority and singular production will be tested and reconfigured through different phases; boundaries, nodes and connections will be twisted, inflected, dissolved and resolved.  The operation will evolve and digress, but also deconstruct and destroy and reflect on its own economies. 

Over the duration of the show, Artspace and rice and beans will host a number of different guests and events. There will be no official opening, but rather an evolving labour towards something that will manifest in a series of different and overlapping configurations. 

Occasions so far

15 December, Ockhamz Salon; 16 December, Intro; 24 January, Risograph tutorial with Gilbert; 27 January, Pauline presents Mumma alien (6am poetry reading 6pm Closing); 28 January, Daphne Simons and Mark O’Donnell, Lap pool contract also, /Infos./2; 31 January, Full dot, An exploration in over coding; 1 February, Clara Chon, Claire Mahoney, Cushla Donaldson, Golden Snood; 3 February, Mahoney and Tweedie’s 12 steps to fuzzy logic; 4 February, 
Oscar Enberg, Returned Merchandise and Joke Seconds; 10 February – 25 February, occasionalist the end.
rice and beans’ residency at Artspace is supported by Jan Warburton (Dunedin).