Steinberg, Saul. The New Yorker. New York, 1945-2000. (Harold, William, Robert, Tina, David, Eds.)

SS 250


Curated by Robert Snowden and Scott Ponik

7 September - 6 October, 2012

Opens Friday 7 September, 6pm


Saturday September 8, 2pm 
Scott Ponik and Robert Snowden present
The *Dumb Waiter, at S/F, 3C/23 Dundonald St, Eden Tce


Thursday September 13, 6.30pm
Screening of Peter Fischli and David Weiss
The Right Way (1983) 55', in partnership with RM
at Samoa House, Level 2/283 K'Road


Saturday September 15, 2pm
Curators' talk, at Artspace



“For more than fifty years, Saul Steinberg was The New Yorker’s nonpareil sketcher, observer, spy and—though he would have thought the word dingy and depressing—its chief cartoonist, too. But then he disliked being called an artist, too, since it called to his mind the salon-swindle of ‘exciting’ objects and collectors’ manias. ‘All of those drawings, whimpering at night in the wrong houses,’ was his dry description of the consequences of selling pictures to collectors, rather than publishers.”* Whatever he is, this exhibition, naming The New Yorker’s consecutive editors, collects some two hundred of his one thousand published contributions, presented as is: magazines, collected through time, some slightly yellowed and hung with that irrevocable library smell, (Longview Public Library, October 22, 1955) and others, mint (V.G.+, no marks, no ears, no creases), en-sleeved and collected with breathy fandom.


As a matter of biographical fact, Saul Steinberg (1914–1999) was a misfit. Born in Romania, European to the bone, he made little of his origins; “pure Dada,” he called his native land. He studied and made his artistic beginnings in Italy, receiving in 1940 a doctoral degree in an architecture he never practiced. Steinberg was shaken out of a congenial life by the turbulence of politics and war, and cast to America in the 1940s where he lived strung up between the uninteresting and unfortunate binary of Artist v. Cartoonist.


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