a hollow action, a room held together by letters

Andrew Kennedy, Blaine Western

28 November 2013 - 1 February 2014
Opens Thursday 28 November, 6pm


“[…] It is a dogmatic, irritable, passionate voice, of the sort that the modern world, to its sorrow very often, is forever seeking out; it is not a clear voice, but one troubled by its own confusions which it carries into the attack." M.L. Rosenthal on American poet Charles Olsen (1910 – 1970)
  1. Andrew Kennedy and Blaine Western negotiate the gallery space through a steel display structure. The artists investigate exhibition design and temporary ways of exhibiting works, while activating different view points and an alternative circulation of visitors in the galleries.
  2. In the main gallery a new series of photographic works by Kennedy will be presented alongside collaborative studio images with structures developed together with Western.
  3. The show tests the limits and porosity of collaboration in space and over time.
  4. Western’s new body of work (comprising video and spatial installations) comes out of an engaged research into the buildings and aspirations of New Zealand architect Maurice K. Smith.
  5. The artists have opened new apertures in the galleries which evoke the idea of an unobstructed space. 
  6. Each gesture, each action in the artists’ treatment of both materials and ideas is accurate and meaningful. The support and the content of the works cannot be severed.
  7. The fragments in Kennedy’s images and the references in Western’s works are extremely precise yet ambiguous to the viewer. They embody the idea of an open form, which operates through association rather than having a chronological development or instructional pace.
  8. Both artists challenge our retinal image and invite us to look beyond, allowing for associations to exist between works and things. 
  9. a hollow action, a room held together with letters is the 2013 – 4 New Artists Show and is generously supported by the Chartwell Trust.
  10. A publication stemming from this project will be made available next year. 
Andrew Kennedy has completed his MFA at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2012. Primarily through photography, his work is concerned with reordering and representing elements of the structure of images.
Blaine Western also graduated from Elam with an MFA. His work The fold of the land was shown at Te Tuhi in early 2013. Western's research investigates the relationship between the built environment and social histories. 
Both artists are Auckland based.
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