Chartwell Stairwell: Dorota Broda 2013/2014

 March 2013 - March 2014


 Dorota Broda

Dorota Broda's project considers the hybrid nature of the Chartwell Stairwell, which exists between indoors and outdoors but is neither. Not yet an exhibition space and not only a hallway. What the artist will generate is a dialogue in time and space equally engaging with the street as well as the visitors to the gallery.
In the past months Broda has been actively researching the commercial signage and materials employed in Artspace’s neighborhood, and has been documenting the signs on a variety of shops found on Karangahape road. She has concurrently been researching Artspace’s history, both in terms of its visual identity as well as the language that has been used to describe the organization through the 26 years of its existence.
The artist is considering the relationship between images and words, visual and invisible, the street and the gallery pan out, and how a metaphoric meaning springs from the literal reading of visual and written information. 
Broda’s proposal is to install billboard structures at the bottom of the Chartwell Stairwell where a series of differently sized posters, singularly painted by the artist, will be pasted over time. On these posters, a distilled version of the information gathered during the research phase would be repurposed by the artist. 
Starting from March 2013, the billboard frames will stay in place for a year, while the posters will be changed every few months.
Download text by Jill Varani.  
Dorota Broda was born in Poland and has been living in New Zealand since 1989. She trained as a scientist and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2011. She lives in Auckland and has exhibited in the artist run gallery Snakepit in 2011 and had solo show at Gloria Knight in 2012.