Gabrielle Amodeo

Keeping Secrets and Stealing Things
28 November 2013 – 1 February 2014


"In a recent conversation with a friend I asked her whether she had ever stolen anything as a youngster. For my part, I do have a memory of standing in the dairy on Vauxhall Road thinking about stealing something while the proprietor was busy (after being dared to by my older brother), but I didn’t, I chickened out.

I boldly claimed to my friend that I was such a geek I had never stolen so much as a lolly.

Not long after, though, I found a few pieces of detritus my studio research boxes, the first of which put a lie to my words."
Auckland based artist Gabrielle Amodeo completed her Master of Fine Arts in 2007 at Whitecliffe College. Her practice explores the (de)construction of the familiar, often utilising found objects or information as keystones in the creation of elaborate archives. Her animation Little Boy Blue was selected for LOOP'09, Barcelona. Most recently, Gabrielle has shown at RM, Auckland and Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin.
View Keeping Secrets and Stealing Things publication by Gabrielle Amodeo and Amelia Hitchcock.