Chartwell Stairwell: Daphne Simons

March 2014 - June 2015

Chartwell Stairwell - Roof Access/ Public Sculpture 101 

Through a sculptural intervention which travels the exterior of the Artspace stairwell, Daphne Simons offers visitors at ground level a means to transport their view to the highest point of the building, allowing for a momentary rooftop vantage point.
Roof Access / Public Sculpture 101 was realised through a process of research and practical improvisation. Simons navigated through each stage of the project including planning, fabrication, council permits and installation. The research material resulting from these processes is available at Artspace, and will be added to the Artspace Reading Room.
Support and advice was given by representatives from a varied field of sectors, the artist and Artspace would like to extend thanks to The Chartwell Trust, Caterina Riva, Anna Gardner, Marieke Simons, Ian Leach, Cliff Wickham, Alan Nixon, Opus International, Auckland Council, Prolift Access Hire Ltd, Sparrows Plumbing, Mark Holland from Pipe and Cable, Plumbing World, Plyman, Carbatec, Cypress Sawmill, The Fibreglass Shop. 
Daphne Simons (1991, The Netherlands) is an Auckland based artist who graduated from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2013. She pursues her work through idiosyncratic problem solving exercises. By exploring activities, objects and settings that are unfamiliar, she attempts to figure out how they work and what potential functions they might contain. Although diverse in subject and media, her approach is consistently improvisational. Simons’ recent exhibitions include; Car Sick (solo), showed at The Film Archive, Auckland, 2014. If you do start making cheese, I recommend a Farmhouse Cheddar - or - At least striving for positivity in the knowledge of a limited time in which one can be productive (group), Pilot Gallery, Hamilton, NZ, 2014. Menlo Park Cowboys (with Mark O'Donnell), Window Online, Auckland, NZ, 2014. Wingman (group co-organised with Mark O'Donnell), Alaska Projects / Dog Park Art Project Space, Sydney, Australia, 2014. An Introduction, and, Physics Room 2014 at Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch, 2013; as well as Lap Pool Contract, which was part of the project Occasionalist at Artspace, Auckland 2012.