making do

9 May 2014
Project Summary:

Having a conversation with the junk of a City of Riches feels surprisingly cosy.  
And inspires intense concentration.
With a makeshift trolley of tools and resources in tow, Xin Cheng, Chris Berthelsen and companions become hypnotized by the fine-grain of Auckland’s native wetlands, urban industrial zones and sub/urban deathtraps. Over a series of walks they begin to work out how to come to terms with the Super City in a pragmatic, generative, and non-goal-oriented manner.
making do by Xin Cheng, Chris Berthelsen and companions might concern: circumstances and 
eddies, niches and leftovers, material intrigue, spontaneous constructions and rearrangements, sustenance and pleasures of the senses.
at least.
A sketchbook of the project can be found at 
Xin Cheng stumbled across a-small-lab while researching a Tokyo tyre playground for Freedom Farmers at Auckland Art Gallery last spring.
Chris Berthelsen is thankful for the chance encounter with Xin Cheng. He is open to suggestion.