Robert Carter

The University of Who?

July 12 - 26
Opens Saturday July 12, 6pm


Hubert Raptor fidgets uneasily in his worn, mechanically adjustable chair. "I object to the term 'para-academic'," he states. "It carries with it the implication that I am in some way under qualified". This temporary office space with its exposed concrete walls promotes a feeling of surreptitious, not-quite-legitimate, occupation; while the single bar electric fire does little to relieve the cold, its orange glow provides at least the promise of warmth. In response to a question I did not ask he replies: "Do not be confused by the modesty of our surroundings; we are the moth that drinks the tears of the sleeping bird."

Robert Carter is an Auckland based artist who describes himself as “an occlusion of the geek, engineer, tinkerer with the mystic, agnostic, seeker”. He improvises with artifacts of technological accretion, and searches for ways to revive the dead, respect the old, and find humility in the consumer onslaught.
Robert’s recent work includes Sometimes a Great Notion (2014) - a performative collection of automaton sewing machines at Audio Foundation; A Public Service (2014) - an improvised social intervention in conjunction with the Festival of Uncertainty; and Wandering Eye (2014) - a telelocated macro oculus.
The University of Who is a Mezzanine based side-project of to and fro, curated by Amelia Hitchcock in the main Artspace Gallery.