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D.A.N.C.E. art club (Chris Fitzgerald, Tuafale Tanoa’i AKA Linda T, Ahilapalapa Rands & Vaimaila Urale)
Lowcostcosplay (Wongsakorn Patpraparn, Anucha Saengchartn & Ploypapat Jirakunruengnon)
Anthony Riddell
Single Brown Female (Leilani Heather & Talia Smith)
Jennifer Katherine Shields
John Vea 

September 5 – October 4
Curated by Ahilapalapa Rands

Public Programme



Hey Kevie,


I’ve been told that if you’re having a hard time writing, then you should write to someone you love – and, well, I love you very much. A palm-reader in Pittsburgh once told me you were my soul mate and that neither of us could exist without the other. I think I already knew that. Anyway, a kindly greeting to you! And thank you for making it this far; I know we are all very busy. 


So I’m curating a show in September at Artspace. It’s a tricky thing to describe because I don’t want to explain everything and leave no room for the sparks of new connections or new understandings. Every human enjoys that process (unless it is thoroughly beaten out of us); we are naturally curious and like to learn. Telling all would also suggest a hierarchy of understanding, as though my thoughts on what it is about were more important than yours! That’s not at all true. I guess I have spent longer thinking about the work – and there are my intentions to consider – but it doesn’t follow that I am right or that I have a complete view of what is happening. How dull. This is the beginning of something but it isn’t anything until you come along and have a look and think about it. I ask you to trust me; I promise there is no ‘in-joke’. 


There are six projects taking place in this show and for me there are many links between them.  I am using a strategy called the ‘triangulation of meaning’ to frame some conversations around the artists and their work. This involves taking three (or more) disparate ideas, or positions and placing them at the points of a triangle in which you can then talk. Ideas can co-exist and bump into one another in this space.


I have been thinking about the power of storytelling, about stories so big and old that they become invisible – they become the natural order of things – and we are no longer aware of how they are constructed. What happens when you hack them? Creating a glitch in the dominant way of viewing the world – this is not a new strategy at all but I think it is an important one. Hacking, as Catherine Bracey puts it, is “an amateur innovation on an existing system, it is a deeply democratic activity. It’s about critical thinking, it’s about questioning existing ways of doing things”. Access is gained to spaces that are usually protected by codes and protocols. I think ‘hacking’ is a great word to use in the context of the arts. It is a very ACTIVE word. 


I’m drawn to practices that occur inside and outside the gallery – making the institutional space porous, nimble and responsive. I think expanded, blurred outcomes have a place in the contemporary art world and the world in general. I am not precious about keeping things ‘business as usual’. As our mum says, ‘business as usual’ may be largely at fault for the many problems the world faces today.


I know you are busy, you are tired – why should you care?  You don’t have to, but I welcome you and I hope you will join me and the others. Let’s make some triangles.


Also, regarding the matching, pink velour tracksuits, let’s go with customised rhinestones. He only turns 60 once.

– Ahi 
D.A.N.C.E. art club is a collective that has been working together for 6 years and is based in Auckland, New Zealand and Osaka, Japan. D.A.N.C.E. art club organises events and exhibitions that celebrate the social dynamic as a creative platform. Their events incorporate art installations including themed music, entertainment, performance, food and refreshments. They encourage audience engagement and participation as a way of opening up conversation and making art accessible to diverse audiences.  For this exhibition they will compete in the Guinness World Records. Tuafale Tanoa’i AKA Linda T. will attempt to break the longest marathon DJing in a public space. Recent exhibitions include: International Artists Initiated - Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme (2014), David Dale Gallery, Scotland; Our Mums as part of Puehu: Cultural Dust (2013), The Suter Gallery, Nelson; D.A.N.C.E Art Club Studio's (2012), RM Gallery, Auckland; Fresh Produce (2012) Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia; and D.A.N.C.E FM 106.7 (2012) in conjunction with Letting Space as part of the Erupt Taupo Arts Festival.
Low Cost Cosplay is comprised of Wongsakorn Patpraparn, Anucha Saengchart and Ploypapat Jirakunruengnon. Cosplay is an international community consisting of gamers and lovers of manga. The premise is to get as close as you can aesthetically to the fictional character you are emulating. Lowcostcosplay was developed by two friends Patpraparn and Saengchart as a way of participating in this movement but at a much lower price point. They have gained a huge online following through their creative costuming ideas with their Facebook page boasting over 180,000 fans. Based in Thailand they have yet to travel outside of their country. They have recently appeared on online entertainment sites Buzzfeed and Mashable; and have been featured many times on Thai TV news station Nation Midnight. Lowcostcosplay's involvement in this project is supported by Asia New Zealand Foundation and Century Group.
Anthony Riddell
Born in Adelaide
Maimed in Sydney
Jolly in Melbourne


Formerly singer (Lester Vat) for the early 90's Melbourne performance art band Volvox.



Currently producing outstanding line drawn visual art and surrealist word-play novels. Recent works include:
Hugh X Vorp
Betrayed by the senses 
Pain is a sign of life
Fingerprints on the surface of the brain
False head
Transparent skin


Tomorrow shall be punished
A turnip in the shape of a human
Make your own brain
dog god
Touched by a mammal
Toothmarks on the sun
The Skink Trap




Single Brown Female is made up of Leilani Heather and Talia Smith. Based in Auckland and Sydney, Single Brown Female investigates the humorous happenings surrounding mistaken identity. Using their shared everyday experiences and lives as inspiration, SBF subvert notions of race, identity and the gaze. Recent exhibitions include Single Brown Female (2014), Pearce Gallery, Auckland and Awkward Feelings (2014), Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland.


Jennifer Katherine Shields previously studied at Elam School of Fine Arts before pursuing other research interests in sexuality and gender at the University of Auckland. She is interested in ideas and dialogue around dominant narratives and the construction of social structures. Her practice entails highlighting glitches within these frameworks through interventions that use the language of performative installation. She also works in a volunteer capacity co-producing a show for 95bFM, freelances for NZ Musician Magazine, and is an executive member of the Campus Feminist Collective at UoA. 
View Jennifer's performance text, Para-, here


John Vea works with tropes of migration and gentrification within the Australasian landscape, enacting stories that have been collected through everyday interactions with people, both in his home community and abroad. In Finish this week off and that’s it! Vea tracks the changes to his body and strength while living below the poverty line for 5 weeks. Recent exhibitions include Tonga 'I onopooni: Tonga Contemporary (2014), Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua; Close To Home (2013), St Paul St Gallery, Auckland; Homage To Hoi Polloi (2013), Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland; Final Parlour Show (2013), Parlour group with Rebbeca Hobbs and Leilani Kake, Otahuhu, Auckland.


Public Programme 

D.A.N.C.E. art club's Guinness World Record attempt longest marathon DJing in a public space
From Tuesday September 9, 12pm to Saturday September 13, 1am Tuafale Tanoa’i AKA Linda T. DJd for 84 hours.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this event!


Everything is Cosplay billboard
Corner of Greenlane and Manukau Road
appearing late September/early October

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A hands-on introduction to the world of Lowcostcosplay
This event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
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