Imogen Taylor, BODY LANGUAGE

November 6 - December 5, 2015
Co-curated by Victoria Wynne-Jones

Architectural Elements designed by Kimberly Read, produced by Michael Lee

Artist talk: Saturday November 7, 2pm

Imogen Taylor

Imogen Taylor, Pillow Biter, 2015. Photo taken in artist's studio.


Unabashed and demanding, paintings by Auckland-based artist Imogen Taylor have stage presence, they push, pull, crowd and distance in her latest solo exhibition for Artspace. 
BODY LANGUAGE articulates the actual circumstances in which viewers as beholders, interpreters or audience members encounter artworks, become aware and act accordingly. Large scale works constructed in acrylic upon hessian and canvas send out signals - curvilinear, geometric, biomorphic - they appeal and activate relationships which are aided by a unique exhibition environment. Architectural elements form ramps, platforms or a stage, they exist with the paintings as large forms inviting certain types of movement or behaviour. 
A multitude of drawings amassed by the artist form an additional component to the exhibition. On display upon a wall adjacent to the paintings each drawing has been made on the fly, marking with available materials moments of attention or distraction as well as experimentation and execution on a smaller scale. A hand-drawn artist zine will also be produced as part of BODY LANGUAGE in both limited print and electronic form. Both insightful and incisive it examines the vicissitudes and politics of the local art scene.
Emphasis is placed upon multiple art situations, situations that include contemplation, mind-wandering or preparation - art situations that extend through various places, temporalities, modalities, energies and moods.

Download the exhibition text by Victoria Wynne-Jones

Download the zine NO IDEA by Imogen Taylor


BODY LANGUAGE is programmed as part of the season NEW HORIZONS November / December / January at Artspace. The season will produce solo exhibitions from Auckland based artists Imogen Taylor, BODY LANGUAGE and Oscar Enberg, the prophet, the wise, the technician, and the Phariseewith a focus on their artistic research and studio process. Concurrently a video installation lab will present works from Will Benedict & David Leonard, Hito Steyerl, and selected material from the public domain 

Artspace would like to thank Giuio Laura, Rachael Elder, Rainer Weston, Sophie Guilford-Smith, Claudia Holden, Li-Ming Hu, Matt Nash, Sarah Webb, Amy Blinkhorn, Sue Hillery and Plytech for supporting this project.