On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination

An experiment of institutional-programming on exhibition making through a contextual shift

With contributions from Billy Apple, Nilbar Güreş, Samir Harb, Index, Toril Johannessen, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Viron Erol Vert, Fancy Violence, Vangelis Vlahos and more… 
December 5, 2014 – February 28, 2015


 Public Programme 

Nilbar Gures

Nilbar Güreş, Headstanding Totem, 2014. C-print, 100 x 150 cm. Edition 5 + 1 A.P.
Courtesy Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna; Rampa Gallery, Istanbul.

Take off 

On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination is a research based experimental project, which intends to develop, introduce, and integrate a new curatorial perspective into the institutional framework, exhibition programming and organisational structure of Artspace. The project will include the exhibit of art works, staging of performances, and events. 


The curatorial strategy behind the new conceptual directions for institutional programming departs from the current needs of the institution, and the physical reality of its location. It draws inspiration from literature towards imagining a new linguistic experience, a feeling of an unknown landscape, and breathing in a different climate. 


The curatorial approach aims to identify common necessities shared by Artspace, audiences and authors and eventually lead the community to a schedule of changes, formations and restructuring during the process of the exhibition. Presented art works will operate as references for the abstraction, conception and perception of change. The works will be adapted, moved and borrowed from their contexts, in relation to the organisation of institutional time and space, content development of the artistic mind, and public communication with the potential audience at different levels of operation. 


As a complex equation designed by the new Artspace Director, Misal Adnan Yildiz in conversation with the team, the Auckland art community and the potential audience with regards to the conditions, expectations and inspirations on the air, the project stands on two methodical key statements: 


A) Any exhibition is born out of a need, and its production, installation and reception are based on such a critical decision making process of balancing the necessities (which could be artistic, contextual, cultural, institutional, social, political or art-historical) at critical moments of conceptualisation, facilitation, and communication. 

B) Institutions with a strong dedication to research development for public access and interest in designing new learning experiences are more fit to create efficient exhibition forms as well as creative ideas, which are seeded into the local context and will logically catch international attention and have long term impact. 


The exhibit of art works will focus on critical perspectives about body-transformation/mind-travel, the archaeology of knowledge and the engineering of life, as well as rituals of transgression and stages of repetition. On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination aims to operate as an open studio space for collective learning experiences, selected literature pieces are gradually arriving in the Artspace Reading Room, with a parallel programming of events, reading sessions and discussions. 




Fancy Violence

Fancy Violence, Pyeta, 2014 (still) Video 24 minutes.


Diversions, Transfers and Connecting Flights

As a conceptual ground for developing contextual relationships with Auckland city, the second part of the programming for the exhibition On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination, will operate as a stage. In collaboration with the Auckland Pride Festival, visiting artist Nilbar Güreş (Turkey) will contribute new works both within the exhibition and at offsite locations. This evolving exhibition, offering different levels of engagement for audiences, with exchanges of experience and knowledge, will eventually lead to different forms of publication, communication, and documentation. 


As the first artist in residency during this year, Nilbar Güreş will be provided with a production budget to investigate the possibilities of extending forms of presentation, using the institution as an open studio. The dialogue between the art institution and the artist, will lead to a solo presentation within the current form of the exhibition, with some parallel events as part of the public programme. This will include an indoor-outdoor installation responding to the queer identities, body transformation, mind travel and a psychoanalytical analysis of how we –sexually - approach the space. These performative, queer and critical practices are the first application of a new curatorial framework in response to the current social agenda of the city. 


The new Reading Club #ReadwithArtspace has been developed through an open call, small exercises, and chance, to imagine a specific language of discussion and grammar of critique. As a richer, more sensitive way of developing an exhibition text, the artist texts included in Read with Artspace reader were developed throughout the project by Artspace Curatorial assistants Amelia Hitchcock in 2014 and Henry Davidson in 2015.


During the second half of the show, Artspace is in the process of establishing a new collaboration with a designer, setting up a series of studio residencies for local and visiting artists, forming a new overseas residency programme, as well as taking on other community based responsibilities. The final component of this first phase of change at Artspace, the institutions re-organisation of time and architectural space will conclude with the opening of a solo presentation by Billy Apple.





Public Programme



Take off / A conversation with Misal Adnan Yildiz
Saturday November 22, 11am
Who are you? Where are we? 
Public Talk and more 

Within his first 500 hours in Auckland, the new Artspace Director Misal Adnan Yildiz will introduce himself to the local audience with a talk followed by morning tea.

From 1pm you are invited to participate in a workshop-based poster production, designed by Index.


At Altitude / Opening with a performance piece from Toril Johannessen &
Live Launch/ Online Auction: Artists for Kobane with a special contribution from Billy Apple 
December 5, 2014, 6pm 

Please use the side entrance to the building via East Street 


At Altitude will restage specific works by Nilbar Güreş, Samir Harb, Toril Johannessen, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Viron Erol Vert, Fancy Violence and Vangelis Vlahos at Artspace. The works, adapted, moved and borrowed from their origional contexts, operate as references for the abstraction, conception and perception of change.


The online benefit auction Artists for Kobanê is an initiative by Hito Steyerl and Anton Vidokle, formed to support the urgent needs of the refugees from Kobanê. Artspace is assisting e-flux to support the logistics of the online event.


During the opening event for the exhibition, Artspace will present a special contribution from Billy Apple towards the auction. Online access, and further information will also be available.  


Curatorial Notes inside the Cockpit 
December 6, 2014, 2pm   

A discussion about the curatorial approach to the exhibition, led by Misal Adnan Yildiz.


Videos: (Left) Poster making workshop designed by Index. (Right) Toril Johannessen, Engineering Forms and The Correspondent. 2014 performance. 
Performers Nisha Mahdan & Jess Holly Bates. 



Artspace welcomes Nilbar Güreş (Turkey) to undertake a studio residency in Auckland during the last month of the exhibition. In collaboration with the Auckland Pride Festival, new works by Nilbar will be woven throughout Pride events, occurring both within the gallery and offsite locations.


Join us at Pride:

Big Gay Out
February 8, midday-7pm 
Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier, Auckland

We are proud! Artspace is taking part in the Auckland Pride Festival for the first time in its almost three decades of history.


Pride Parade
February 21, from 7:30pm
Ponsonby Road, Auckland 

Artspace is proud to be part of this community-based celebration. Through open discussions with Auckland based artists Richard Maloy, Juliet Carpenter, Zack Steiner-Fox, Jaimee Stockman-Young and Richard Orjis, we decided to bring an abstract, conceptual and critical perspective to the Pride Parade.


Flags designed by art students from Manukau Institute of Technology, Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and Elam School of Fine Arts, will be part of our statement: Individual, Specific, Unique.


BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AS YOURSELF and join us with a flag, tshirt or something you designed!

Thanks to il buco, for generously supporting this project.

Queer Sunday chill out
February 22, from 11am
After a long party weekend you are invited to a queer chill-out at Artspace. We will screen hot queer movies including OPEN, written and directed by Jake Yuzna, 2011 (Misal Adnan Yıldız’s all time favorite!)


Nilbar Güreş public programme
February 24, 2pm

New productions and Artist Talk

Contributing artist Nilbar Güreş is our first Artspace studio resident of the year. Güreş has been invited to observe the institutional dynamics, while producing new works for the second half of the exhibition On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination, in relation to the Auckland Pride Festival. You can see her site specific outdoor piece An easy touch for Pride, on the facade of Artspace as well as new contributions inside the gallery.


Touch Down
February 28, 2pm 

Martha Kriszenbaum in conversation with Misal Adnan Yıldız. 


Kriszenbaum and Yıldız will discuss the many issues that connect them, from a video work by Artspace’s current Artist in Residence Nilbar Güreş to Nouvelles Vagues; the summer season at Palais de Tokyo which they curated exhibitions together. 

During the talk they are interested in opening up a discussion on how the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris is perceived here in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as other political dynamics, which will lead us to question the cosmological differences of interpreting images, words, values and ideas.   


Martha Kirszenbaum is Director and Curator of Fahrenheit, an exhibition space and residency program in Los Angeles. She has worked at MoMA, New York (2006-2007); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2007); and as a research assistant at the New Museum, New York (2008-2010). 


Martha Kirszenbaum has been brought to New Zealand by the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, as a monthly “Monica Brewster Evening” speaker supported by Govett Quilliam – the Lawyers