Peter Robinson, SYNTAX

June 5 - July 11, 2015


Peter Robinson

Photograph by Kelvin Soh, DDMMYY


Departing from his recent workshop at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, internationally renowned New Zealand artist Peter Robinson’s SYNTAX is composed of cut-out forms of felt, developed through visual experiments, and with the intention to engage different communities into its installation process.

Robinson’s new work operates as an open source for developing a critical analysis of visual languages, formal associations, visual thinking, abstraction as an artistic technique and gesture as an artistic form. The exhibition calendar counts backwards, unfolding the artwork every week with the involvement of another community, from pedagogical settings to non-governmental organisations, through cognitive decisions made by the artist and the members of these communities, as co-authors or partners in the work.


SYNTAX takes part within the framework of a new project entitled “Singular Pluralities ∞ Plural Singularities” a series of solo exhibitions focusing on artistic research and exhibition methodology. The series aims to reflect on the studio process, translate artistic experiments into an exhibition grammar, and involve various research elements into the forms of presentation such as literary references, sketches and materials, archives as well as interviews to access the artistic voices, gestures and statements.


Thanks to Aalto, the ARTSPACE Benefactor Programme+, DDMMYY, Elam School of Fine Arts and Hopkinson Mossman, Profile Plus, Verona Cafe, Dr Mere Whaanga, Desna Whaanga-Schollum. 



How does Peter Robinson work? 2015
Artspace movie: a short documentary about Peter Robinson's studio practice.
Filmed and edited by Theo Macdonald.