The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure

Juliet Carpenter 
Jesse Darling
Alexander Laurie and Biljana Popovic
Agnieszka Polska
Ryan Trecartin
Andy Warhol
Akram Zaatari

Curated by Henry Davidson

September 4 – October 10
Opening Friday September 4, 6pm
6:15pm performance of Evangeline Riddiford Graham’s poem Villanelle by Victoria Abbott. The poem was commissioned for the exhibition publication Close Your Eyes With Holy Dread



Ryan Trecartin, Item Falls, (2013, HD video, 25:45), courtesy the artist; Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York.


“To know (perceive) something intensely is eventually to consume what is known, to use it up, to be forced to move on to other things.”

- Susan Sontag (1967) ‘Persona’, Sight and Sound, Autumn, 36:4, 186-191, p.190.

The works in this exhibition bind poetic and filmic languages to construct dramatic narratives that consider writing, speech and gesture within moving image and its theatrical antecedents. In different tones and directions these video and film works address contemporary desire – most significantly the desires for identity, knowledge and communication and the complications that arise from these. The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure brings together contemporary video work in an exhibition space designed and built to extrapolate and intensify the architectures and imaginaries of the cinema and the theatre. The exhibition space functions somewhere between a stage and a green room; a labyrinth and a sensorium. The works in this exhibition are sexually loaded, hysterical and existentially anguished, producing, en masse and in harmony with their setting, an immersive and exhausting world. 


Public Programme

Saturday September 12, 1pm
Exhibition tour with curator Henry Davidson and contributing artists Alexander Laurie and Biljana Popovic 


Thursday September 17, 6pm  

Fuck Me Too: Some Readings on Sex and the Visualising of Desire Under Capitalism 
With contributions by Hana Aoke, Owen Connors, Cameron Elmy Yates, Matilda Fraser and Gregory Kan, Jess Holly Bates, Beverly Lim, Robin Murphy, Ruby Porter, Anna Rankin, Manon Reveulta. Dan Sanders, Laura Suzuki, George Watson, Darren Frank and Claire Whitehurst


Thursday October 8, 6:30pm  

Film Screening: Isaac Julien's Looking for Langston, 1989 (42 minutes) and Ingmar Bergman's Persona, 1966 (84 minutes)


Saturday October 10, 2pm 

Launch of exhibition publication: Close Your Eyes With Holy Dread 
Texts by:
Holly Childs
Jesse Darling
Andrew Durbin
Kim Gordon
Robin Hyde
Evangeline Riddiford Graham
Samuel Te Kani

Design by DD/MM/YY


Thanks to Dame Jenny Gibbs for generously supporting the Artspace Curatorial Assistant role, and Tony Kerridge, Auckland Council, Autex and Dunlop Flooring for supporting this project.