Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Frequency of the Earth
May 18 - July 8, 2017
Opening Thursday May 18, 6pm

From 5pm Thursday: Agnihotra protocol fire procedure (for 17:16:32 sunset), all welcome. 

 Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Detail Harmonies, brass, glass, herkimer diamond,  2016


Frequency of the Earth from Auckland based artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy is engaged with experiential relationships with materiality. The artist has worked with various wavelengths that have been arranged into musical scores that have formations that are inaudible to the human ear. The work carefully negotiates site and duration, using the spatial and time-based parameters of this iteration as materiality. Its components manifest in sound within form: sound as colour, geometries and the sun, all brought into realisation using the pendulum as a logic apparatus. The artist’s decision making process is informed by a methodology developed from disciplines that utilise bio-energy, and other experiential based practices. This project specifically operates on the proviso that all materials have vibrational qualities, and are floating in a sea of energy that when brought into certain proximities and arrangements sculpt space. Smuts-Kennedy’s research is focused on fields of energy as they engage with conceptual thinking within art based languages and intuition driven modes of enquiry. She seeks to unfold how things work and are interconnected in real time in the space with the viewer. 


“All the works develop out of processes I create which rely on my capacities to allow a rigorous synthesis of intuitive thinking and feeling.  The forms and formations that emerge would never arrive out of left brain logic alone. What I am interested in exploring is the space between rigorous scientific, esoteric and artistic logics, processes and outcomes. My research is focused on the spaces between these things and my works could be considered evidences of my attempts to negotiate these modes. It requires a different kind of listening, seeing, feeling and knowing. I am interested in the learning I need to do in order to make the work and how it requires a different kind of negotiation between my inner and outer experiences of the world. As a result I am learning more about the world I live in and this in turn helps me work out new ways to share space with things.”

Taken from an interview with the artist, Artguide interview 2016


b. 1966 Sarah Smuts-Kennedy is a New Zealand born and based artist, and an MFA graduate of the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland 2012.  Sarah’s biodynamic, permaculture teaching garden, 45 minutes north of Auckland, functions as a central axis for her research.  She was the McCahon House Artist in Residence September - December in 2016.


Read more about the Agnihotra protocol here. 


Solo exhibitions from Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Shannon Te Ao, and Yuki Kihara take place within the framework of “Singular Pluralities ∞ Plural Singularities”, a series of solo exhibitions which began in 2015. Focusing on artistic research and exhibition methodology, the series experiments with installation strategies, and event structures.