Bryn Roberts

16 March - 5 April 2012


1.                List space on Trademe

2.                Show potential tenants through space and discuss terms of agreement

3.                Decide on tenant

4.                Write tenancy agreement

5.                Signature between landlord, lender and tenant.

6.                Have tenant move in

7.                Help tenant organise presentation of work made during tenancy

8.                Ensure tenant moves out at the end of agreed stay

Lauren Marriott (Ralphi), an illustrator and graphic designer, was the most enthusiastic and somehow appropriate person among the ones that showed an interest in occupying the Mezzanine Space. Between March 16 and April 12 Lauren furnished the space and used the mezzanine as her office/studio. On April 5 the space was opened to the public, showing the illustrations she had been working on during her stay. 
In exchange for use of the space, instead of money, Lauren agreed to provide her design and illustration skills to projects initiated by Bryn.
Bryn Roberts is a third year student at Elam School of Arts, she interns at Clouds Publishing and has started a book exchange platform between the University of Auckland and CalArts.
She is working towards a publication that expands her Mezzanine Space's project.

All photos ©2012