Pop-In Room

Artspace established the POP IN ROOM as a project room to allow more flexibility outside the main gallery space and program. The POP IN ROOM provided the possibilities for artists visiting New Zealand to exhibit on short notice in Auckland, for young artists to develop a new work for a small professional environment, for established artists to try out new ideas outside of commercial borders and for outside curators to develop small exhibitions.

Located in the back of Artspace and separated only by a PVC membrane from the office, the POP IN ROOM made the Artspace staff more accessible enabling greater contact for all. It was designed with the help of Pip Cheshire and Anna Tong from JASMAX, one of Auckland's major architectural firms and was made possible by the generous support of our first star members.



Remember NZ

February 2005


Remember New Zealand


New Zealand's participation at the 2004 Sao Paulo Bienal.

The 26th Sao Paulo Bienal included 135 participating artists from 60 countries, 25,000 square meters of exhibition space, a record 917,218 visitors and a budget of NZD8.3 million. It was the most important art exhibition in 2004.

New Zealand¹s participation was curated by Artspace director Tobias Berger.

Using the Bienal topic of Image Smuggler the group project Remember New Zealand invited 38 New Zealand artists to send a souvenir to Sao Paulo.

Starting from the idea that souvenirs where the first image smugglers into the households of modern society and that New Zealand and the Pacific is internationally widely defined by the pictures of homecoming tourists, Remember New Zealand was also a comment critically on the Biennale system where curators travel the world to present the most exotic art works in their exhibitions like trophies from a hunting trip. Remember New Zealand included artist from all generations and all regions of New Zealand that work primarily in sculpture.

Participating artists:
et al, Billy Apple, Dan Arps, Steve Carr, Derrick Cherrie, Joanna Chow, Paul Cullen, Judy Darragh, Andrea du Chatenier, Violet Faigan, Megan Ruth Hansen-Knarhoi, Niki Hastings-McFall, Lonnie Hutchinson, Douglas Kelaher, Sean Kerr, Richard Killeen, Joanna Langford, Jason Lindsay, Peter Madden, Daniel Malone, Richard Maloy, Dane Mitchell, Kate Newby, Ani O¹Neil, Michael Parekowhai, Reuben Paterson, Lisa Reihana, John Reynolds, Natalie Robertson, Peter Robinson, AD Schierning, Jim Speers, Yuk King Tan, Francis Upritchard, Terry Urbahn, Rohan Wealleans, Ri Williamson.



March/April 2005

Shigeyuki Kihara

Fa'a fafine: In a manner of a woman

Download text sheet (PDF 160KB)


Nick Spratt

June 2005

Nicholas Spratt


A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN I STARTED WITH is an eponymous exhibition title, derived from various Nicholas Spratt artworks over the last 15 years ­ works such as A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN I STARTED WITH I, II, and III. Forever the miner of language and context, essentialism has played an increasingly large role in Spratt¹s practice, but it is a project that never forgets its roots, its community, its hopes and dreams, and its mum.

A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN I STARTED WITH is a short survey of the brief history of the work of Nicholas Spratt.



Jessice Pearless

May 2004

Jessica Pearless

HI_RISE, 2004

Adhesive Vinyl installed in POP IN ROOM

Using that material of mass marketing and cheap lunches, Jessica Pearless splices and samples from the world around her. For the POP-IN-ROOM she has created HI_RISE, a vinyl montage of geometric form and representational pattern, stimulated by the immediate physical environment.

A spatial discussion is opened in this work, as areas of interest in the architectural landscape are isolated and investigated. Dominant structures are cut away, and reticent patterns emerge as Pearless re-positions her formal elements, interweaving, flattening, reducing and discovering with consummate ease.

Jessica Pearless is a recent graduate of the Auckland University Elam School of Fine Arts, and recently installed QWAK03 in the Quay West foyer as part of the AK03 Festival.

Milan Haber

June 2004

Milan Haber

Before and After Science       Before and After Science

July 2004

Before and After Science

Curated by Andrew Clifford

An exhibition that straddles the worlds of art and music, employing systematic, scientific and strategic approaches to sound to explore the world around us. Featuring artists from the festival.

Pierre Bastien Neuf Jouets Optiques (2000)

Lawrence English Ghost Towns (2004)
DVD loop

George Chang Phase Shift (2003)
Seven minute DVD loop

CD1. Richard Nunns and Hirini Melbourne
i. Koau (1.37)
ii. Porotiti (1.11)
iii. Tangi Koauau (5.10)
iv. Purerehua (1.53)
From the album Te Ku Te Whe (1994)

CD2. Marc Chesterman
i. Familiar/unfamiliar (4.04)
ii. Record Shop (4.00)
iii. Gas bottle & cymbal (3.08)
From the CDR Music in the World of… (1999)

CD3. Francisco Lopez
i. La Selva (70.49)
From the album La Selva (1994)

CD4. Richard Francis
i. untitled three (dur ????)
From the 3" CD Three Tracks (2003)

CD5. Mark Sadgrove Hometown Fielding
i. Small town electron music part one (8.02)
From the CDR Red Light Scatters (2004)
ii. Small town electron music part two (4.10)
From a forthcoming CDR release.


Thomas Baylre

Aug/Sept 2004

Thomas Baylre


The Massey University School of Fine Arts artist in residence, Thomas Bayrle, with the support of the Goethe Institute, installs 'Brush' in the POP-IN-ROOM. A leading German artist, and a 2004 participant at the Venice Biennale, Bayrle is internationally regarded as an interdisciplinary artist working in a range of mediums including sculpture, painting and video.
Bayrle is perhaps best known for his large scale digital prints that are plastered across the entire interior of art galleries. These works have examined the themes of urban dwelling, portraiture and banality, the interface between digital and analogue technologies and the metropolis as an entropic machine.


Marcel Odenbach

September/October 2004

Marcel Odenbach

1000 Murders, 1983


Marcel Odenbach (Germany) is a pre-eminent video artist who has, since the 1970s, influenced the development of video as an art medium. His experiments in the areas of narrative and representation, production techniques (repitition, fade, dissolves, splicing from historical film footage), and technix (monitor, multiple channel projection) have established the ground for contemporary video practice.

With thanks to the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, where Marcel Odenbach is exhibiting until 5 December 2004


Eddie Clemens

October 2004

Eddie Clemens

Download Leon Tan's text Orchestrating the Perverse about this installation by Eddie Clemens
(PDF 160KB)


December 2004


Eve Armstrong, Joanna Langford, Emily Mafile'o, John Reynolds, Rohan Wealleans


October 2003

Anthony Goicolea

New York photographer Anthony Goicolea had a very successful solo exhibition at Artspace in April 2002 while here for a UNITEC residency. During his residency he realized two new films: Amphibians and Sleepers both of which are shown for the first time in New Zealand in the POP IN ROOM. In these films you see a movement away from Goicolea's concentration on self-portraiture towards environments. "While working on my 'Multiple Self-Portrait Series'‚ I became increasingly interested in the locations, sets, and installations I was constructing during the production of my photographs. The uniform clad figures in the series evolved into autonomous universal stand-ins for the idea of adolescence and began to play a secondary role to the environments which inspired their actions and within which they existed."


December 2003

ARTSPACE editions

Mark Adams, Peter Robinson, Daniel Malone, Andrew McLeod, Violet Faigan, Misery, Billy Apple