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Matthew Galloway to present new works from his ongoing project The Ground Swallows You, during ARTifariti 2016: After The Future, International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara.

Thursday, 20 October 2016 5:36:18 p.m.

Matthew Galloway, The Ground Swallows You (detail) (2016). Beachhead’s PEACE OF MIND, Artspace 2016. Photograph by Sam Hartnett   Press release provided by Blue Oyster   Dunedin-based artist and designer Matthew Galloway has been selected as a participant in ARTifariti 2016: After The Future, International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara. Taking place from the 29 October until 15 November 2016 in the Western Saharan refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria,... Read more »

Artspace participates in 'To All the Contributing Factors’ at the Gwangju bienniale (GB11)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 3:02:19 p.m.

Artspace’s curatorial assistant John Mutambu has been at the Gwangju bienniale (GB11) taking part in 'To All the Contributing Factors’, a forum organised as part of GB11, discussing work by small and medium-scale art organisations across the world with regards to questions of value, continuity, and scale, and imagining acts in common. Roughly one hundred organisations whose work makes important contributions to the art of today were invited to become Biennale fellows. Distinct... Read more »

Artspace welcomes Kalisolaite ‘Uhila as an Artspace studio resident for 2016

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:30:01 p.m.

Artspace welcomes Kalisolaite ‘Uhila as an Artspace studio resident for 2016. Earlier in this year Kalisolaite was part of the exhibition 'Politics of Sharing - On Collective Wisdom’. The exhibition conceived by Misal Adnan Yildiz from Artspace, and ifa's Elke aus dem Moore that opened at the ifa Galerie Berlin in May, and moved to the ifa Stuttgart in July. At Artspace, Kalisolaite will carry out research towards a new project that will be shown in ‘Politics of... Read more »

Fiona Clark will take part in the Varda Artists Residency this September

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:01:38 p.m.

  Artspace facilitates Fiona Clark’s participation in the Varda Artists Residency (VAR) in Sausalito, California next month. Fiona was born in Taranaki, and currently lives and works in Tikorangi. She works with biographical elements, photographing and documenting individuals, communities and spaces. Central to her practice are the committed relationships she establishes with her subjects that, in turn, inform her complex portrayals of people and places. Fiona’s... Read more »

The Future Generation Art Prize 2017

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:19:20 a.m.

Artspace is a Partner Platform for the 2017 Future Generation Art Prize. PRESS RELEASE COMPETITION STARTS FOR WORLD’S LARGEST OPEN ENTRY ART PRIZE The fourth edition of The Future Generation Art Prize worldwide competition established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in Ukraine opened for entries Tuesday 21 June 2016 on All artists up to the age of 35 of all backgrounds, working in any medium, anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply.... Read more »

Open Call for New Perspectives

Friday, 17 June 2016 6:03:03 p.m.

OPEN CALL Simon Denny, Untitled (Green Ties), 2006, mixed media. Courtesy of Michael Lett. A perspective is not only the way in which objects appear to the eye, but it also represents a close relationship between vision and mathematics. An artistic perspective is not only a graphic input system, but also includes psychological, social and political layers, which bring new questions on the culture and environment we share. Artspace NZ has invited internationally renowned NZ artist... Read more »

'Politics of Sharing' opens in Berlin today: Presented by the ifa and Artspace

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 12:54:08 p.m.

Peter Robinson, Syntax Systems, 2015. Photo: Artspace NZ. Courtesy of the artist and Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland. Artspace Director Misal Adnan Yildiz, and ifa's Elke aus dem Moore will launch 'Politics of Sharing - On Collective Wisdom' at the ifa gallery in Berlin today. The exhibition project features work by Lonnie Hutchinson, KUNCI, Daniel Maier-Reimer & Syafiatudina, Natalie Robertson, Gabriel Rossell-Santillån, Peter Robinson, Kalisolaite ‘Uhila and including the... Read more »

Artspace launches new architectural changes

Monday, 15 February 2016 2:54:49 p.m.

Photographs by Sam Hartnett   In February 2016 Artspace launches new architectural changes to the gallery and surrounding spaces, extending the public’s experience of contemporary art into new avenues of research, engagement and audience development. The project was sparked during the first exhibition Misal Adnan Yildiz’s programme On the moment of change, there is always a new threshold of imagination, (December 2014 – February 2015) which explored potential... Read more »

Artspace 2016 Education Team

Monday, 15 February 2016 2:47:58 p.m.

Artspace is pleased to announce that the Artspace/Tautai Education Intern role in 2016 will be shared by Salome Tanuvasa and Siliga David Setoga. Sharing the full time position, the new education team will continue to deliver a programme for Artspace that encourages interaction with local schools, tertiary institutions and with students in Auckland of all ages, with particular emphasis on reaching and engaging Pacific students at these institutions. Siliga David Setoga joins Artspace... Read more »

Artspace welcomes Tendai John Mutambu as the 2016 Curatorial Assistant

Monday, 15 February 2016 12:54:56 p.m.

  Artspace welcomes Tendai John Mutambu as the 2016 Curatorial Assistant John is a Zimbabwean-born emerging New Zealand curator with an interest in contemporary exhibition-making and curating’s intersection with writing, critical theory and postcolonial pedagogy. Established in 2004, the Curatorial Assistant Programme (formerly called the Curatorial Internship) offers budding curators the unique opportunity to gain experience in, and contribute to Artspace’s curatorial... Read more »

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