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Open Call for New Perspectives

Friday, 17 June 2016 6:03:03 p.m.


Simon Denny

Simon Denny, Untitled (Green Ties), 2006, mixed media. Courtesy of Michael Lett.

A perspective is not only the way in which objects appear to the eye, but it also represents a close relationship between vision and mathematics. An artistic perspective is not only a graphic input system, but also includes psychological, social and political layers, which bring new questions on the culture and environment we share. Artspace NZ has invited internationally renowned NZ artist Simon Denny to collaborate on an exhibition project that aims to take a panoramic picture of young artistic research and production in Aotearoa. The project will bring a number of positions together on the basis of Denny’s selection from the open call. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public lecture by Denny and an opening talk with the Artspace curatorial team.

To make a submission please send a pdf file showing a selection of recent artworks, and a sketch, drawing, text or idea responding to the questions below:

How do you define an artistic perspective, what is an opinion, and what is an artistic vision?
How can art and art institutions operate within global societies and refer to public imagination?
What brings hope to our world?
To by July 22.
The New Perspectives exhibition will launch at Artspace in September 2016. Artists with successful submissions will be contacted by email.


Is there any age limit for applicants? 

There is no age limit. We aim to support ‘young practices’ so if your practice is young and needs support, please apply. 


What about NZ vs non-NZ entrants/submissions? What's the official line regarding nationality of applicants?

Our interest is in gaining a panoramic picture of the young artistic research and production of Aotearoa so you can be from New Zealand, but also your work could be related to New Zealand through its content. So in both cases we encourage you to apply. Rather than nationality, we seek connections.  


I am not a big fan of Simon Denny’s work and what I do is totally different to his practice. Should I still apply? 

You don’t need to be Simon Denny junior. Simon is an admirer of artists as diverse as Cao Fei, Jordan Wolfson, Rachel Rose, Josh Klein, Mike Kelley, Isa Genzken, Marcel Broodthaers, Emily Segal, David Hammons, Martin Wong, Group Material, Danh Vo, Luke Willis Thompson, Hans Haacke, Bunny Rogers, Etel Adnan, aaajiao, Michael Stevenson, Vincent Fecteau, Raindance Corporation, Avery Singer, Martha Rosler, Michael Krebber, et al. and many more. We’re looking for voices from different areas of practice.


How does the selection process work?

Through the open call process we aim to create a space for new voices from the artistic community to propose an agenda. Simon Denny will select from the pool of applicants in collaboration with our curatorial team and develop the ‘New Perspectives’ exhibition. Regardless of the outcome this is a great opportunity to introduce your practice to our curatorial team.

Applications will be considered through different criteria such as originality, creativity, authenticity, artistic approach and innovative thinking. 


The questions in the call are difficult to answer… 

The questions are intentionally open ended, however we are interested to know your take on them. Perhaps your answers may create more questions, which could take the discussion in diverse directions and bring more interesting perspectives. 



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