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Artspace participates in 'To All the Contributing Factors’ at the Gwangju bienniale (GB11)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 3:02:19 p.m.

Artspace’s curatorial assistant John Mutambu has been at the Gwangju bienniale (GB11) taking part in 'To All the Contributing Factors’, a forum organised as part of GB11, discussing work by small and medium-scale art organisations across the world with regards to questions of value, continuity, and scale, and imagining acts in common.

Roughly one hundred organisations whose work makes important contributions to the art of today were invited to become Biennale fellows. Distinct from bigger-scale art institutions such as museums, art fairs, and biennales, the primary function of these organisations is often as the research and development department of the art world, generating ideas and shaping new curatorial and educational methods. Above all, they actively support artists in experimenting with, and cultivating their practices, and nurturing contacts including neighbors and various practitioners from other fields.

The forum together with the fellows called for the gathering of all those who are interested in and working with art through such organisations. It was planned as a meeting ground where a large-scale event could be the occasion for exchange and debate among smaller agents, beyond biennale routines such as representation, promotion, and city branding. The forum took place from September 2nd to the 4th 2016, after the preview of GB11, and consisted of public readings, lectures, workshops, and a plenary session. Sharing common issues – such as gentrification; the point of view of labour; new relations between machines, animals, and humans; the exchange and exploration of different working methods and tactics – a new multi-organisational field might take shape.

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